In SmoovPay, we only support Singapore Dollar (SGD) and United State Dollar (USD) currency collection. Merchant will only be able to select 

However, we are able to captured transaction paid using Overseas Credit Card. Meaning to say, during the checkout payment of SmoovPay page, if the system detected the cardholder is using an overseas credit card which is not using SGD or USD currency, (example: China RMB), there will be a forex conversion exchange done by the card issuing bank.

Here is an example scenario:

- Merchant stated on the website for a item sold at 15.00 SGD

- Customer (Cardholder) in China using China Credit card decide to purchase the item from the merchant.

- During checkout page, cardholder using China Credit Card to make payment

- SmoovPay System detected the cardholder using China Credit Card to make payment

- Carding Issuing Bank will base on their daily exchange rate (e.g. 5.00 RMB : 1.00 SGD) to convert 15 SGD worth of amount to RMB.

- The bank will charge (15 * 5) 75.00 RMB to the cardholder holder card which used to make the payment. Take note there will also be a Conversion Fees imposed by the Card Issuing Bank as well)

Should you require more information, kindly write in to SmoovPay Support Center by creating a Ticket at the following Link: