To confirm the delivery address and delivery date for your order, please contact the online store or merchant from which you made the purchase. 

The online store / merchant is responsible at all times for any enquires relating to the payment and deliverable of your order. You should find the online store / merchant’s contact details displayed on their website, the store purchase receipt, and on the SmoovPay transaction confirmation email. ​

Unfortunately, if you have been unable to contact the online store / merchant that you have purchased from, please write in to us, we will reply you as soon as possible. 

SmoovPay only provide online stores with the ability to accept card payments securely over the internet. We do not hold information about the goods/services you have ordered or their delivery status, and are not able to cancel your order or provide you with a refund. However, we understand your dissatisfaction and will inform the merchant as soon as possible.