It is recommended to change password frequently to prevent hacker or any unauthorised personnel log-in to your Merchant account.

1a) Here is the guide on how to change the password in your Merchant Account.

Change Password

Step 1: Click on "Change Password" located on the left panel as shown in (Fig 1) Image

Step 2: Fill in the following information

  • Current password: The most recent password you use to log-in your Merchant Account
  • New Password: The new preferred Password (minimum 8 character)
  • Confirm new password: Enter the new preferred password again for confirmation
Once you have completed the above, click "Change Password" button to save the setting.

Fig 1:

1b) In the event you have forgotten your password, or have tried multiple times and results in your Account has been locked out:

Forgot your Password?

Kindly choose and perform the following option for assistance from our friendly SmoovPay Team.

Option 1: 

You may email our Operation Team via, and request to reset the password for your Merchant Account. 

Below is the information to provide for clarification purposes

Title: Reset Password

Username: (the email that you use to login to your Merchant Account)

Option 2: 

Alternatively, you may lodge a ticket here at our Support Center

You may refer to the screenshot below for reference.

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