Account Balance allows you to track the "Account Activities" for the time period which includes the following:

  1. Transaction Captured
  2. Refund / Partial Refund
  3. Withdrawal
By applying the "Filter Setting", it allows you to look on the Account Activities that is record under your Merchant Account (Fig 1)

Fig 1:

Step 1: Apply the following which you wish to see the Account Activities during the period
  • From (yyyy-mm-dd) - The starting date that you wish to see in the report 
  • To (yyyy-mm-dd) - The ending date that you wish to see in the report
  • Id - SmoovPay Transaction Id (Optional)
  • Currency - SGD / USD currency depending on the type of currency you wish to see
  • Results per page - Number of items/transactions you wish to be shown per page ( 20 , 50 , 100)

Step 2: Click on the "Search" Button

The system will start to search for the Account Activities record according to your Filter Setting. Once the system had completed searching, the transaction appear under Account Activities would be shown as in (Fig 2)

Fig 2:

  1. ID - SmoovPay Transaction / Refund / Partial Refund / Withdrawal ID (You may opt out this field if you wish to see all the Activities during the time frame set)
  2. Date - The date and time that the Activities took place
  3. Type - The type of Transaction that is being record ( Payment Captured - Payment / Refund / Partial Refund / Withdrawal)
  4. Currency - The currency that the transaction is being record
  5. Debit - The (Nett) Amount that SmoovPay deduct from your Merchant Account -> Available Balance in the event of (Refund / Partial Refund / Withdrawal)
  6. Credit - The (Nett) Amount of the Transaction is being captured and credited to your Merchant Account -> Available Balance (Payment Captured)
  7. Balance - The current amount that is left in your Merchant Account -> Available Balance after Debit or Credit is being performed in point 5 or 6 

* (P.S. Nett Amount defined as (Gross Amount - SmoovPay FEES)
Gross Amount -> 100.00 SGD
Fees -> (2.9%MDR + $0.25 SGD / Transaction) = (100 - 2.9%) - 0.25 = 3.15 SGD
Nett -> 100.00 - 3.15 = 96.85 SGD

Step 3: Click on the Transaction ID
If you wish to see the full Transaction Detail, you may click on the ID and it will redirect you to the Transaction Detail page with all the Detailed Information for your reference.

Step 4: Click on the "Download Report"
If you wish to download the report, you may click on the button and the report will be downloaded into Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Worksheet (.xls) 
Attach file is provided for viewing purposes.

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