Full Payment History is the feature that record all the Transaction(s)  / Payment(s) made by the cardholder / merchant  for the time period which includes the following:

  1. Payment made by the Cardholder
  • Successful / Captured
      2. Refund made by the Merchant
  • Partial Refund
  • Refunded

By applying the "Filter Setting", it allows you to look on the Account Activities that is recorded under your Merchant Account (Fig 1)

Fig 1:

Step 1: Apply the following which you wish to see in the Account Activities during the period:


  • From (yyyy-mm-dd) - The starting date that you wish to see in the report 
  • To (yyyy-mm-dd) - The ending date that you wish to see in the report
  • Id - SmoovPay Transaction Id (Optional)
  • Reference - Id that is generated from your Ecommerce System-Integration (Optional)
  • Type - Please use only "All" or "Credit Card" only
  • Status - 3 Types of status as follow
    1. Captured - Payment Made by the Cardholder successfully
    2. Refunded - Fully refunded of the transaction amount
    3. Partial Refund - Refund part of the transaction amount

  • Results per page - Result you wish to be shown per page ( 20 , 50 , 100)
  • Category - "All" by default (Optional)
  • Customer Email - Email of the cardholder
  • Customer Contact - Mobile / Phone Number of the cardholder
  • Currency - SGD / USD currency depending on what is the type of currency you wish to see
  • Payment Type - Please select "All" by default or "Normal Payment" (Optional)

  • Step 2: Click on the "Search" Button

    The system will start to search for the Account Activities record according to your Filter Setting. 

    Step 3: Download Report (Optional)

    Download the report for your Accounting / Auditing Purpose after the search result is completed. (Sample Attached)

    Once the system had completed searching, the transaction appears under Account Activities would be shown as in (Fig 2)

    Fig 2:

    • ID - SmoovPay Transaction ID that is generated by the system for every transaction recorded
    • Date - The date and time that the Activities took place
    • Payment Type - Payment that is made by the cardholder
    • Type - For Online Payment, it will be known as "Credit Card"
    • Status -  The type of Transaction that is being recorded (Payment Captured , Refund / Partial Refund)
    • Reference - Id that is generated from your Ecommerce System-Integration
    • Currency - The currency that the transaction is being recorded (SGD / USD)
    • Amount - The amount that is being charged to the cardholder's Card
    • Fees - The fees that SmoovPay charge (Merchant Discount Rate[MDR] + User Service Charge[USC])
    • Nett - The amount remaining after FEES apply
    • Refunded Amount - The amount that is being refunded for the transaction
    • Action - Click on "View" to see the full transaction detail as shown on (Fig 3:) below

    Fig 3:

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